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Bio and Philosophy

Being born and raised among the majestic oak woodlands and kelp forests of the santa barbara coastline had a profound influence on my interpretation of lifes waves.
From the many hours spent following hawks along treelined creeks to surfing with dolphins and seals I began to recognize the great harmony and rythym that permeates all things in nature.
I noticed in nature a total lack of judgement. Unlike man, the flora and fauna simply react to all circumstances learning how to adjust to the present moment
This helped me to appreciate the beauty of life's unpredictability.

I naturally found a love for the practice of riding the oceans waves;
A practice seeking a harmony and rythym with the water that would allow me to get the best ride in everchanging conditions
This practice became my training for life.
To me all things move in waves.
From sound, to light, to water, to weather, to emotions, to life.
No two waves are ever the same.
Just as no moment of any wave is like the moment before.

Like the oceans waves, to ride life well you must learn to be fluid and flexible in both form and feeling. Using the present opportunity and flow to find the best glide while constantly adjusting to the moment.
And finding a space within yourself where it can happen easily, sometimes effortlessly in union with your natural surroundings.
Learning the patience to allow things to happen freely.
Free of expectation, free from past experiences or future fears.
In this way free to enjoy the improvisation of the ride.

So I surfed my way through school and into the Art and Soul of trees.
Working with wood to satisfy a clients request.
Building everything with trees, from houses, to cabinets, to furniture, to surfboards but ultimately finding a much deeper connection:
The word "wood" doesn't seem to illicit enough honor for this amazing resource.

A tree and its inherent knowledge of natures vibrations.
The waves of growth in its rings absorbing the beauty of its surroundings and surviving, in part, on the very breath we exhale while they unconditionally purify our next breath.
Trees give us food, shade, wood, mulch, habitat...
I am always impressed at the trees ability to ride lifes waves.


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